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Are We in for a Horror Recession?

That’s what Jason Blum told Bloody Disgusting recently. “I think the market right now is flooded,” he said. He’s right about that. “I think the next step in horror is this year there’s 20 releases, and I think next year there will be 18 and the year after that there’ll be 12. I think it’s going to go down…It’s what always happens. Horror starts working, it’s commercial, everyone’s making a horror movie. Now no one’s seeing horror movies because there’s a horror movie every week, so there’s too much, the market’s flooded…I think the number of theatrical horror movies you’re going to see is going to go down over the next two or three years [but it will be] good for [Blumhouse] because the quality rises. So I like to think we make better horror movies than most people do, and so when the market is less cluttered our movies will do better…edgy, cool, great, scary stuff will be more appreciated in two years rather than less, because there will be less of it.”

Okay, I agree with him. If what is going to become scarce is lousy, paint-by-numbers, generic Horror movies, then that’s a good thing. We need less of those. I think Blum is right about quality rising to the top. Quality Horror, like the new THE INVISIBLE MAN, won’t be going anywhere.

It kinda irks me to be so in agreement with Jason Blum after some of the bonehead things he’s said recently. But he’s dead right this time.

The Evil Cheezman • March 13, 2020

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