Are the Vampire Diaries Werewolves Lame?

Duh, no. I was skimming the blog-o-sphere earlier, looking for ideas about what to feed you monsters, when I came across this -guy- who said the werewolves on the Vampire Diaries were lame. I say ‘were’ because the werewolves on VD appear to have retreated for the time being. Here are some of his key points on why the werewolves on VD are ‘lame’ as he says:

  • Jules was able to bite Rose, making her crazy, but even in the end of that story, it was Damon, a vampire, who killed her.
  • The werewolves on this show aren’t scary and they’re only a threat once a month.
  • In the past two weeks, the number of dead werewolves has climbed to double digits thanks to the forest brawl and the arrival of Elijah.

Yeah, sure, fine, werewolves are the most dangerous once a month. But:

  • That one time a month when they transform, they’re almost unstoppable for vampires, and that’s pretty damn formidable.
  • They’re almost as strong and fast as vampires, as indicated in the fight over Caroline by the camper. A few of them died during all that, but towards the end, the werewolves were winning. If it wasn’t for the male witch, the werewolves would have won.
  • The only reason Damon lived in the last episode of VD (Crying Wolf) is because Elijah showed up. Don’t you think that if there was an ancient werewolf original on the wolf side, things might have turned out a bit differently? If that hadn’t tipped the odds in the werewolf favor, it definitely would have lengthened the fight somewhat.
  • Damon put Rose out of her misery; he didn’t kill her, the bite did. He basically just euthanized her. She wouldn’t have lived through the rest of the experience much longer. And as for any doubts about the strength of the bite, she was suffering from festering sores, constant pain, delirium, fever, etc., the list of symptoms goes on and on. There’s no way she was coming back from that.

Besides, the show is called ‘The Vampire Diaries’, duh. It’s not all about the werewolves and how awesome they are. They got close to winning a few times. But if they just took over, then why the hell would it still be called the Vampire Diaries? Psh, please. Werewolves will get their time to shine, in probably another series, that doesn’t revolve around vampires.


  1. I wouldn’t say they are lame but to be honest I have my doubts about the validy of them being the vampires’ enemy no. 1. Even if they are so strong in wolf-form there is yet no hint that they actually have any control in it and so this form doesn’t really offer a significant tactical advantage. Furthermore they are supposedly nearly extinct so how much of a threat could they be?
    We’ll have to wait for more infos but based on what was presented so far, even if they could change at will and were much more numerous, I think in an all out war, the vampires would still win.

  2. They are the lamest friggin werewolves on television and on the big screens. Even worse than the Twilight Werewolves. At least those were BIG wolves. These were just ORDINARY sized wolves, that have “super strength” and “super speed”. Oh WOW! Superpowered werewolves! HOW AWESOME! (Sarcasm)

    If it was that hard to give us the wolf/human hybrid from Van Helsing or Underworld due to budget reasons, then don’t give them any wolf form. Just give them sharp teeth and deadly claws, like in Supernatural. Instead of using actual stupid wolves, that NOBODY finds menacing. They are more like Skinwalkers, which I equally hate.

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