Another Wolf Man Reboot?

Oh. My. God. Seriously? The reception of the first one wasn’t bad enough? The Oscar for makeup was like a pity award; “The movie sucked, and it dragged like the tampon string of a stripper with ten kids, but the makeup was good. Here ya go buddy.” So rather than accept defeat like a man, ..or men, as it were, Universal instead, looks upon abject failure more like a challenge, and has  decided to reboot the Wolf Man film again in a direct-to-DVD franchise. I guess they’re really sure they can make this work, because according to the blog-o-sphere, they’re looking for writers, –hopefully real ones this time ’round, –to pen the details for the story that’s been told plenty of times already.

Perez Hilton, for some reason, seems to be taking more of an interest in horror affairs than usual, and has once again, scooped up the intel for this mad charade. Kudos to Perez for the expert snooping!

Universal just won’t give up on The Wolf Man!

While last year’s Wolf Man reboot was less-than-phenomenal, it DID win the Oscar for Best Makeup, and the studio has decided to give the franchise another shot…on DVD.

The new Wolf Man will be a “period piece reboot” of the 1941 Lon Chaney Jr. classic film, and Universal is reportedly aiming for the new movie to be the beginning of a direct-to-dvd franchise for the werewolf series.

Universal is currently looking for writers for this reboot of the VERY recent Wolf Man film, which was also a reboot. Ha!

Let’s hope they find someone skilled this time around…the last one had great actors and really impressive makeup work. The main problem there was definitely in the script.

Are U ready for another Wolf Man? Or do U think the franchise should be put down with a silver bullet?

I vote that we wait it out and see what happens; a lot of undervalued and unprecedented werewolf movies have passed into cult classic status. Just look at the Ginger Snaps, or Howling franchises. Sure, the Marsupials probably doesn’t inspire a lot of loyalty… not to anyone with taste anyway, –but believe it or not, people out there like it. Somewhere. Anyway, I’m not sure if these straight-to-DVD releases are going to be successful, but who doesn’t love a horror movie, or a creature feature that’s so stupid it’s funny. The chances for premium entertainment, whether satirical or more genuine, are multiplied therefore, so we’ll probably like whatever happens to come along, one way or another.


  1. Just do a sequel… not a reboot. Seriously, not that hard…. the Inspector at the end of the first movie remake got bit…. work with him.

  2. I didn’t think the remake was that bad, certainly not great but I have seen way worse and I think many may have bought too much into the hype ahead of it. However, another remake? Not sure but then again they did that with the hulk and the second was definitely better. I have but faint hope for this one though as it’s budget is likely smaller given it is going straight to DVD. I’d only want to see sequals once they get the formula right.

  3. Meh, Wolfman was better than 90 percent of the werewolf crap they’re churning out nowadays. Not enough to save the genera from festering garbage like Twilight, the Vampire Diaries and True Blood but it was entertaining enough.

    Not that it makes it a good movie mind you but still…

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