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Another Teen Wolf, Too

I’m not talking about the lackluster movie starring Jason Bateman, a sequel to the silly but fun TEEN WOLF, which starred Michael J. Fox. They tried to be clever and title the sequel TEEN WOLF, TOO after Fox refused to reprise his role from the first one (either because he just hated the movie or he hated the makeup process, depending on whom you ask). Get it? Teen wolf TOO? Yeah, brilliant. Moving on.

I’m not talking about the MTV television series TEEN WOLF either—but I might as well be. The forthcoming Netflix series THE ORDER sounds about as familiar—and generic—as you can get. Let me quote from the deadline article: “THE ORDER centers on college freshman Jack Morton [Jake Manley] who joins a fabled secret society, The Order, where he is thrust into a world of magic, monsters and intrigue. As Jack goes deeper, he uncovers dark family secrets and an underground battle between werewolves and the magical dark arts…a magical and terrifying journey to uncover our true selves—
and the monsters that hide within…” Geeze, I’m bored already. Hasn’t this story been told about a gajillion times already? It sure seems like it. It COULD end up being good. I won’t prejudge. But it sure SOUNDS played-out. Can’t somebody just get John York out of his contract with GENERAL HOSPITAL and bring back WEREWOLF?

The Evil Cheezman • June 28, 2018

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