Another Nail-biting Werewolf Flick

Remember NAILBITER? It was one of the most unconventional and unique werewolf movies I’ve ever seen, and indeed the monsters featured therein are never referred to as werewolves or identified as such. Even so, the parallels are there. There is supposed to be a sequel in the works, NAILBITER: THE STORM CHILDREN, also the creation of writer/director Patrick Rea. In addition, Rea has completed principal photography on yet another werewolf movie, this one entitled I AM LISA. The folks over at bloody disgusting offer us some details and some first-look photographs. Sadly these photos do not include a look at the movie’s werewolf.

Says writer Eric Winkler, “I AM LISA is an homage to every revenge movie I’ve ever seen. It was also heavily influenced by any movie that features a strong female protagonist, like Aliens, Kill Bill, and Day of the Dead…A lot of werewolf movies revolve around the protagonist’s struggle with the loss of their humanity. I wanted to give our hero a justifiable reason to give in to that loss of control.” And director Rea added: “I had been wanting to make a revenge film for some time, and thought that the script for I AM LISA offered a fresh take on the genre by adding the werewolf mythology.”

By The Evil Cheezman

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