Another Jane Austen Rip Off Coming to Bookstores

Oh yes, there is indeed yet another Jane Austen parody on the way, because apparently Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Dawn of the Dreadfuls, Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters, Mansfield Park and Mummies, Vampire Darcy’s Desire, Emma and the Vampires… etc. just weren’t enough. The new book, titled Mr. Darcy’s Bite, is written by Mary Simonsen and is about werewolves and Austen’s Mr. Darcy. Check out the official plot description:

“In the tradition of Mr. Darcy, Vampyre by Amanda Grange (35,000 copies sold) this fresh, original paranormal Jane Austen sequel by bestselling author Mary Lydon Simonson explores Mr. Darcy as the leader of a secret world of werewolves threatened with extinction.

Elizabeth comes to realize that she loves him in both his incarnations, and all his servants protect his secret. But then Elizabeth must confront a shocking danger to her beloved with every full moon, when Darcy is alone and exposed to those who hate wolves…”

An original Jane Austen sequel? Really? Not only is the author re-writing someone else’s characters, she’s also copying another parody, Mr. Darcy, Vampyre, and replacing vampires with werewolves. I fail to see how that is “original.” Maybe when they said “original” that actually meant “new” and not “creative.” That would be the only logical explanation.

So, it’s pretty obvious that I have absolutely no interest in ever reading Mr. Darcy’s Bite, and it’s not because I hate parodies, because on occasion I do enjoy them. But the Jane Austen ones are SO ridiculously overdone! There are countless classic novels one can parody, I can think of loads of old books that would be great with some vampires and werewolves added. So why must authors choose Jane Austen 90% of the time? I have no idea, I can understand a couple of them here and there, but there are a shit ton of Jane Austen parodies. It’s getting old.

But, if you aren’t like me and actually want to read Mr. Darcy’s Bite by Mary Simonsen you can find it in stores in October.

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  1. You are absolutely right, the world does not need another Jane Austen parody! Do someone else. I think Romeo and Juliet would be greatly improved whith a few werewolves.

  2. I had no idea Jane Austen was being ripped off that much. I was amused when I saw Pride Prejudice and Zombies at my local Target but now I’m glad I skipped reading it.
    Maybe someone should do something like “Socrates: Occult Investigator” as a story line. That might be more original but you know what? I bet that’s already been done to death, too.

    1. Well, mabye not. Perhaps they could liven up the Republic, a book written by Plato, by adding this random battle between Socrates and some other philosopher who turns out to be a werewolf. It might not be the best story, but at least It could end up being funny in some sick way! :)

  3. Yeah… not too sure. They already made him out as a zombie in one book. It wouldn’t seem right to make him out a a werewolf alpha-male too. Mabe they could do a parody on Romeo and Juliet insdead, with the Capulets and Motagues being werewolves and vampires, competing for the souls of Verona. Or mabye I should write it. *snicker*

  4. Not to steal your idea, Nate. I wrote my last comment without reading the others. How stupid of me!

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