Another Craptastic Addition to the Gaming World: Moonlight Sonata

If you are one of the (awesome) people that have followed my writing for a while now then you already know that I love me some video games, and if you’re new to the site then, well, now you know. I play whatever I can get my hands on, from the classics to the new shiny games, and on rare occasions I even check out some of those free online games. It’s one of those free games that bring us here today. I just played one titled Moonlight Sonata, and yeah, it sucked massive ass. Yes, I know better than to expect great things from free games, but seriously, why even make a game this bad?

More about the game:

“A mission doomed to fail from its beginning. A lone survivor assumed lost in unfamiliar territory. A cunning enemy bent on long-awaited retribution … and fourteen days to the promise of salvation. Another battle for survival: keep werewolves at bay while upgrading your weapon stash.”

That game description above really does make the game sound awesome, but it’s not. It’s awful. It’s not even one of those “it’s so bad it’s good” games, it’s just bad in every way. The entire game is you, gun in hand, hiding behind some boxes while werewolves and wolves coming running towards you. You shoot them, they fall down, then another line of werewolves comes and you repeat the same process. After a few levels of doing the same boring thing over and over again, I was like “fuck this noise!” and went to play Scrabble on Facebook.

Now, there are loads of free-to-play games out there, and yes most of them are terrible, but there a select few that are surprisingly fun and addictive. Moonlight Sonata is not one of those games. So I suggest you stay far away from this one.

Sigh. Maybe one day game developers will create some new and kickass werewolf games. Like, actual console games. That would make me one happy girl.

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  1. Ah well, can’t win them all…. least its better then that the babysitting type game you gave a review on.

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