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Another Bloody Blood Moon

As of this moment (the moment I sit writing this article), we’ve just had yet another lunar eclipse, aka a “blood moon.” And once again the wannabe doomsayers (who are really the wannabe click-generators, I suspect) predicted the end of days. The same way they do with EVERY SINGLE ONE of these frickin’ eclipses. And considering that I’m sitting here typing words on my keyboard, they were wrong, just as they are EVERY SINGLE TIME they make such a prediction. And just as is the case EVERY SINGLE TIME, supposed “news” sites insisted on giving these drips media coverage. Come on, people. Haven’t we had enough of this?

Back in the olden times, when nobody knew what caused eclipses, yeah, I can maybe see how they would have been scary. But now? There’s no reason for it. There’s no REASON, period. It’s unreasonable and irrational, and yet people keep giving them publicity. How ironic that the supposedly “serious” sites always seem to fall into this trap, leaving it to this one, an entertainment site, to drop some Science on ‘em.

“Blood moons” look reddish because of the Rayleigh scattering, which just means that the Earth’s atmosphere scatters all the wavelengths of light in the visible spectrum from green to violet, leaving lots of red. There are at least two lunar eclipses every year, and may be as many as five, although not all are total eclipses and not all will be visible from the entire “night side” of the planet. The recent one wasn’t visible at all from my hemisphere, for example. These eclipses are completely natural occurrences, interesting for the same reason any natural phenomenon is interesting. Stop giving the wackjobs publicity!

Oh, and that whole thing with werewolves and the full moon was to a large extent made up by scriptwriter Curt Siodmak when he drafted the script for THE WOLFMAN. And there is no tradition that I know of, recent or otherwise, of lunar eclipses having anything to do with werewolves, no more than with anything else of a supernatural nature.

Science, bitches. It is our friend.

The Evil Cheezman • August 5, 2018

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