Anne Rice is Writing a Werewolf Book!

You read that title correctly, the legendary Anne Rice revealed that she is in fact writing a werewolf novel! As one of my favorite authors I am beyond excited that she is delving into the world of werewolves! If you have no idea why I’m so excited or who Anne Rice is (where have you been), this is the brilliant woman that wrote some of the most influential and widely beloved vampire novels. Rice’s Vampire Chronicles changed vampires forever and inspired countless authors to follow in her footsteps. Anne Rice writing a novel about werewolves is HUGE for werewolf fans. Knowing Anne, her werewolf book, titled The Wolf Gift, will be the greatest werewolf novel ever!

MTV Geek was lucky enough to chat with the acclaimed author at San Diego Comic-Con 2011. Rice discussed her awesome comic news, that two adaptations of her work  are scheduled to come out from IDW Publishing (Servant of the Bones) and Yen Press (Interview With The Vampire), and then she shared how excited she is about a new werewolf book she’s working on – The Wolf Gift.

“It’s about a young man who becomes a werewolf. It’s my take on what that experience is like for that young man, to experience that transformation and how it works in his life and how he copes with it.” said Rice.

It reminds me of Interview with the Vampire, but instead of learning about the life of a vampire, Anne is exploring the world of a young werewolf. SO EXCITED!

Ahem, in the video interview (which you can watch below) Anne goes into it a little more explaining that like her vampire characters, her new werewolf character has to cope with what he is now. She also added that she is putting her own spin on werewolves, that she is bringing her well-known style to it and really exploring the inner workings of this young man’s mind.

I’m so happy about this news I even did a little happy dance in my seat when I first heard of it (it involved lots of flailing and something that mimicked a seizure… I can’t dance…even sitting down).

Check out the video below:

Who else is excited about The Wolf Gift?

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  2. Allow me to be the only naysayer by pointing out those horrid books her sister wrote. Huzzah for purple prose, possible self-insert main characters, and complete and utter lack of conflict (and so much reliance on deus ex machina that I thought I was reading a bad Greek drama for a moment).

    Not only that, but this smacks of Ginger Snaps only with a guy. I, for one, will hold out for better books.

  3. Most vampire writers that take a shot at writing a werewolf book, do a horrible job at it. They have deeply submerged themselves in the vampire genre, that has made them well-known, they have no clue on how to write a book on other supernatural creatures, one of them being werewolves.

    1. Anne Rice stopped writing about vampires close to 10 years ago. I think it’s safe to assume they’re out of her system. Anne has proven that she can write any type of novel, she’s done erotica, vampires, religious, witches, historic…etc. She’s one of the most celebrated author’s of our time and her werewolf book will no doubt be just as successful.

  4. I love Anne Rice’s books…and cannot wait to read her new one.. I live close to Gun Barrel City, Texas and once looked at a home for rent where Anne Rice had once owned and lived in a Subdivision in Tool, Texas. Anne Rice is the Best Author of books and I love her books. I had most of all her books as a collection but, all my books were stolen in 2006. I only hope who stole them enjoyed them as much as I did…:}

  5. Wow, this is awesome news! I love Anne Rice and her books. Not just the Vampire Chronicles, but other books that she has written like The Mummy. I’m excited to see what her view is on Werewolves. I hope it’s good, but I’ve been reading different reviews online and it’s been mixed. Some critics don’t like it and others say it was good. Has anyone read this book? If so what did you think of it?

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