An American Werewolf Tale

white-wolf-walking-in-forest Some of you have wondered why out of all the reported werewolf cases posted here, few of them are American. Well good news, today’s post is on a story that comes straight from the US of A.

This story was reported to have happened in 1899 in Northumberland, Pennsylvania. Many of the folks living there believed that a certain old man was a werewolf. It was the Paul family that suspected the man first due to the interest the old man took in their 12-year-old daughter May (creepy).

Even though the old man never did anything inappropriate to little May, it made people uncomfortable that he often sat and watched her as she tended the family’s sheep. May was a very sweet and kind little girl that often lifted the spirits of people around her and the old man just seemed to enjoy watching her do chores. He never spoke or disturbed her as she worked.

The other shepherds in town found it strange that the wolves in the area often attacked their sheep, they’d even attack in broad daylight, yet they never touched May’s sheep. Some said they saw the wolves approach May’s sheep but that they then turned and ran away. This is when the rumors that the old man was a werewolf began.

Then one night under the full moon a hunter saw a thin old wolf wandering around. Thinking about the $25 bounty on wolves, the hunter shot the wolf. Hearing the wolf’s cry of pain the hunter knew he hit his mark, but the wolf stumbled into the woods and it was simply too dark to wander the woods at night so the hunter decided to come back in the morning.

The next morning came and the hunter went back to the spot and followed the blood trail, but instead of finding the corpse of a wolf he found the cold and dead body of May’s elderly admirer. This confirmed that the old man was in fact a werewolf. The people buried the old man where he laid, which became known as “die Woolfman’s grob” (the wolfman’s grave).

Little May grew up and continued to tend her sheep and even though wolves still attacked the neighbor’s sheep they never harmed hers. She said that it was because the werewolf’s spirit protected her and her flock.

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