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An American Werewolf ReAction Figure? Why, yes!

Ah, Super7, creator of the vintage STAR WARS-type 3 and ¾ inch overpriced ReAction Figures. How I do love and hate thee. The latter only because of the aforementioned “overpriced” thing. It would be more accurate to say that my bank account hates thee. *I* only resent thee a little bit because I am unable, due to the aforementioned bank account, to purchase all your offerings. You temptress! You Lolita of the toy world! (Minus the whole statutory rape connection, obviously.) But I digress.

There will be ReAction figures for AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON. We know this because at the recent New York Toy Fair they showed us—the cardboard backs for those action figures! Wowza! Cardboard backs!

Sure, you buy a ReAction Figure, not as much for the packaging as for the figure itself, but at least partially for the packaging. Even so, it’s disappointing not to get a look at the figures. I suppose they weren’t finished in time. There will eventually be figures of undead Jack, transforming David, and the fully-transformed Werewolf. I will have to buy them all. Curse thee, Lolita of the toy world!

There will also be a whole slew of ARMY OF DARKNESS figures as well, and I’ll have to drop coin for a few of those. Curse thee again, Lolita, thou temptress of the pocketbook!

The Evil Cheezman • March 17, 2020

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