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An American Werewolf in Paris & 4 Other Sequels Everyone Hated But Me

“…shoddy digital effects and no atmosphere whatsoever. Blech!”

So, Paul Blart sucked, and why they made a sequel I’ll never know, but that’s why the subject came up for our blogger. Apparently they were sort of forced to sit through it, and for that, said blogger has my deepest sympathy, because no force on earth could have made me sit through the first one, let alone watch a sequel to that stupid shit. I’m more of an Observe and Report kinda gal. Anyway, apparently that session of video and audio torment inspired a raining down of hate for a bunch of great, albeit, universally disliked sequels…

But I draw the line at An American Werewolf in Paris! When I was little, or at least, littler, this was one of my favorite werewolf movies ever. It was actually scary, it had sex on Jim Morrison’s grave, –which I think he would have wanted, –and there was great music, and boobs, which I admit was a big draw. And that hate extends to other classic not-so-great sequels that were still a ton of fun, like Grease 2… I loved Grease 2. Come on. Michelle Pfeiffer? Don’t hate her cuz you ain’t her! Does anyone else think that maybe An American Werewolf in Paris wasn’t as bad as everyone say…? Am I just weird? Check out the rest of the hate parade on the source site!

source: www.metro.us

annimi • April 20, 2015

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