An American Werewolf in London & 9 Other Movies We Want to See in 3D!

“Whether you’re in the eyes of the wolf himself, or if you’re weaving in and out of a nightmare state, an even more immersive cinematic experience would be a nice new lens on such a familiar genre classic.”

I think they’re crazy, personally… I just don’t see why this movie would be good in 3D –there aren’t a lot of moments in the movie where you have to be worried about projectiles or flying objects… reaching hands or the kind of stuff that would look really good in 3D. On the other hand, some of the artsy film perspectives do make a difference; there are perspective shots that might look great in 3D. 

Some of the nightmare scenes would be cool in 3D too, –especially when he’s having sex with the nurse with the giant wolf head… ewww. Other great scenes would be the transformation, of course, but also the brutal attack in the beginning too. Personally though, I think both Grindhouse films, Planet Terror and Death Proof should have been in 3D, –that would have been a lot of fun. Some day… I really hope they master the art of making TVs 3D, –and yes, they have them now but they’re not the same. They suck. What werewolf movie would you watch in 3D? Besides Ginger Snaps?

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