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They kept us guessing right up until the premiere of the hit TV show’s sixth season. Nobody outside the cast and crew knew just what would be the subject of the latest installment. Were you disappointed that it wasn’t one of the other possible plotlines they decided to go with? Not me. This one looks like it’s going to skew towards that whole witchcraft/monsters in the woods/ colonial-era American survival drama that I dig so much, the same sorta vibe we got from THE WITCH earlier this year. I’m good with that. Oh, and the faux-documentary approach, that worked so well for THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT and a little less well for the Milla Jovovitch vehicle THE FOURTH KIND? Good with that, too.

Is everybody familiar now with the real-life mystery that inspired AHS this season? To generalize: In 1587, the English established a colony at Roanoke, numbering a little over a hundred people, including the first European child born in the Americas, a little girl named Virginia Dare. When the colony’s overseer returned in 1590, he found the vullage deserted and all the colonists gone. The only clue to what happened to them was a single word, “Croatoan,” carved into a fence post. Probably this meant that the colonists had relocated to nearby Croatoan island, but no sign of them was ever found. In the years since, legend has added lots of layers to the story: all the bodies were missing from the graves, food was left sitting on kitchen tables, ala the MARY CELESTE mystery at sea, etc. Thanks to AHS, we’ll finally get to learn what REALLY happened to the Lost Colony of Roanoke. Check out a promo for the remainder of the season here.

The Evil Cheezman • October 4, 2016

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