American Chillers: Wisconsin Werewolves

While scanning the book section (instead of grocery shopping) at my local big-box store, I came across two children book series – American Chillers and Michigan Chillers! What really caught my eye was seeing the book pictured to the right – Wisconsin Werewolves. Hurray for werewolves! Written by author Johnathan Rand, the American Chillers series started off as a Michigan-only series, but eventually led to horror tales about other states. Since there is a werewolf tale and because the books remind me a lot of Goosebumps (which was my fave series as a kid), I had to share. Check out the details on Wisconsin Werewolves.

9781893699434_p0_v1_s260x420Book description:

Whatever you do … don’t go out at night!

Something horrifying is happening in Madison, Wisconsin. When Jeremy sees a strange beast in the forest, his friends don’t believe him. In the dark of night, they set out to find the creature that Jeremy spotted . . . and they get more than they bargained for. Lurking in the shadows are creatures that they can’t believe. Creatures that aren’t supposed to exist.


Jeremy and his friends soon find that the strange, hairy beasts are real . . . and terrible danger awaits them at every corner.

According to the author, the American Chillers book series will continue through all fifty states. Maybe if you’re lucky there will be another werewolf book.

Have any of you read anything in this series? Do you like these young horror books?

– Moonlight

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