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ALPHA Delayed

I saw this cool cardboard stand-up at the theater the other day when I went to see BLACK PANTHER. It’s a promo for the upcoming film ALPHA, and it’s a mosaic, made up of photographs people have sent in of them and their dogs. You can only see the individual pictures when you get in close. From a distance, all you see is half the man’s face side by side with half the wolf’s face. It would make an awesome tattoo, the basic picture would. Getting all the photographs of people and pooches rendered in ink, however, would be difficult if not impossible. Also, I don’t know why anybody would want to. The primary image (pictured) is what you’d want.

I think the movie, which tells the speculative story of how the first wolf became domesticated, has been delayed. Believe it or not, when I was first watching the trailer for the film and realized what it was about, I said to myself that, were I the filmmaker, I would have called it ALPHA, which, of course, means “the first.” And then I see that this is indeed the title of the movie. ALPHA will premiere in theaters on September 14th.

The Evil Cheezman • March 29, 2018

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