Alpacas at Skinwalker Ranch: Were They Hors D’oeuvres?

After this week’s episode of THE SECRET OF SKINWALKER RANCH, lots of folks too to the Internets to bitch and moan. Sure, billions of people every single day take to the Internets to bitch and moan; that’s primarily what the Internets is used for. Educating ourselves? Nah. Elevating ourselves culturally? Nah. Just to bitch and moan. Oh, and watch porn. The particular reason these particular people were bitching and moaning this time, though, was because of what happened to the alpaca. The bitchers and moaners accused the cast and crew of the show of putting the animals out as bait for Skinwalkers, or, as ended up being the case, coyotes and/or wild dogs.

If you missed the episode, the alpaca survived, and it and its mate were moved to a safer location. The owner of Skinwalker Ranch, Brandon Fugal, didn’t appreciate the accusations of animal cruelty, though, and he himself took to the Interwebs to tell the bitchers and moaners where to get off. Honestly it’s hard for me to side against somebody who is speaking out in defense of animals, being such an animal lover myself, but I do think this provided a bandwagon for trolls to jump upon; I am not convinced, in other words, that all those doing the bitching and moaning are bitching and moaning because they actually care about the alpacas. More than a lot, I suspect, did it just because they get off on bitching and moaning. And I do believe Fugal when he says that (a) it was the caretakers who live onsite and not he or the show’s producers who wanted to bring in the alpacas in the first place and (b) that they thought the alpacas were safe where they were being kept. It might be naïve to think that a Skinwalker—or a coyote, or a wild dog—couldn’t get through a fence, but I don’t think it was intentionally negligent or uncaring to bring the alpacas onto the Ranch to begin with. To leave them there after what happened, that would have been calloused.

By The Evil Cheezman

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