All Girls Are Werewolves!

I had so much fun reviewing the cartoon The Pig Who Cried Werewolf in an earlier post that I am doing it again! Cartoooons! I won’t deny it, I spend a ridiculous amount of time watching cartoons, and my most recent silly love is Eliot Kid. This awesome cartoon is about Eliot, whose incredible imagination turns everyday life into a world filled with bloodthirsty vampires, man-eating plants, haunted houses and more – even werewolves. I just caught the episode The Werewolf and was all kinds of entertained.

The Werewolf description:

“Children’s animation featuring Eliot, the little kid with the mind-boggling imagination that turns the most commonplace situations into Hollywood action-adventure blockbusters.

Eliot invites Kaytoo for a sleepover and Suzie invites her friend Diane. The boys discover that the girls are allowed to stay up later than them, because they need to be alone in order to transform into werewolves.”

This is an awesome cartoon for the kiddies full of imagination. Eliot has a highly overactive imagination and turns everything into a wild and crazy adventure of epic proportions. In The Werewolf Eliot and his friend become convinced that ALL girls are actually werewolves and so the boys devise a plot to banish them to another dimension with an assortment of creative weaponry. Ba ba buuuum! It was an entertaining and cute episode, perfect mindless cartoonage. If you have Netflix I suggest giving the show a watch, it’s fun.

Any fans of Eliot Kid here? Love any other werewolf cartoons?

– Moonlight

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