Age of the Wolf

A curse. A world of werewolves. A sky with a moon that is always full. That is what awaits readers in Age of the Wolf, a story arc found in the comic 2000 AD, by writer Alec Worley and artist Jon Davis-Hunt. This comic trilogy is coming to an end soon – and I am just now learning of it.

agewolfAccording to Worley, “Age of the Wolf is a post-apocalyptic fantasy in which an ancient Nordic prophecy has cast a spell over the moon and turned half the earth’s population into werewolves. The series is in three parts, each one a completely separate tale.”

Here’s the reading order:

Part one: Age Of The Wolf (out now)
Nine episodes, with art by Jon Davis-Hunt and letters by Simon Bowland, in 2000 AD #1700-08, Sept-Oct 2010.

Part two: Age Of The Wolf: She Is Legend (out now)
Ten episodes, with art by Jon Davis-Hunt and letters by Simon Bowland, in 2000 AD #1772-81, Feb-May 2012.

Part three: Age Of The Wolf: Wolfworld (out July 10)
2000 AD #1840

For more information on the final chapter, check out this great interview over at CBR.

I must have this comic! Who doesn’t want to read about a werewolf apocalypse? I’m excited to get my hands on this series. How about you? Have any of you read it? If so, what did you think?

– Moonlight

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    1. Agreed. Tracking it down is a bit difficult if you aren’t in the UK. At least that’s been my issue :(

  1. I just found them all at the 2000ad shop link shown above. From another website I saw that Age of the Wolf ran in 19 issues starting with 1700. I ordered them from the UK store and the exchange rate wasn’t terrible. I also checked my 2 main comic stores online and found nothing. You can order the digital copy as well, comes in PDF format.

  2. Hi guys,

    Y’know, you can read the first issue of Age Of The Wolf series one for free on the ‘2000 AD Bumper Sampler Issue’, which you can download through the iOS app right here:

    And you can read episode one of series two on CBR right here:

    Along with another interview I did for that series:

    If you wanna read series three (you don’t need to have read the first two) and you’re having trouble getting an issue in the US, then you have two options: 1.) Download it via the super-awesome 2000 AD app (see above), or 2.) Move to England (wouldn’t recommend it as the food’s terrible and the weather’s even worse).

    Thanks for your interest, guys, and beware the moon. ;)


    1. Thanks! Will all issues ever be in one volume? That would be convenient.

      And… England’s food is pretty bleh, and everything closes ridiculously early, the underground is terrifying, BUT England has castles! That’s one good thing. ;)

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