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Age of the Wolf

A curse. A world of werewolves. A sky with a moon that is always full. That is what awaits readers in Age of the Wolf, a story arc found in the comic 2000 AD, by writer Alec Worley and artist Jon Davis-Hunt. This comic trilogy is coming to an end soon – and I am just now learning of it.

agewolfAccording to Worley, “Age of the Wolf is a post-apocalyptic fantasy in which an ancient Nordic prophecy has cast a spell over the moon and turned half the earth’s population into werewolves. The series is in three parts, each one a completely separate tale.”

Here’s the reading order:

Part one: Age Of The Wolf (out now)
Nine episodes, with art by Jon Davis-Hunt and letters by Simon Bowland, in 2000 AD #1700-08, Sept-Oct 2010.

Part two: Age Of The Wolf: She Is Legend (out now)
Ten episodes, with art by Jon Davis-Hunt and letters by Simon Bowland, in 2000 AD #1772-81, Feb-May 2012.

Part three: Age Of The Wolf: Wolfworld (out July 10)
2000 AD #1840

For more information on the final chapter, check out this great interview over at CBR.

I must have this comic! Who doesn’t want to read about a werewolf apocalypse? I’m excited to get my hands on this series. How about you? Have any of you read it? If so, what did you think?

– Moonlight

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moonlight • June 29, 2013

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