Adult Wolf Starring Jack Black, Kyle Gass and a Bunch of Celebs

twjackblackDuring a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jack Black debuted what he called the “sizzle reel” for Adult Wolf, a totally fake movie that reveals Teen Wolf’s issues as an Adult Wolf. This silly little film, which is based on the original Teen Wolf and not the MTV version, stars some awesome actors as well (like John C. McGinley from Scrubs).

In Jack Black’s “sequel,” we pick up years after Scott Howard’s glory days as a furry high school basketball star. The teen wolf and his dad now spend most of their time in a trailer wondering what the hell happened. Since their hearts are filled with “bitterness and regret,” they are forced to be furry at all times.

But they have a plan! Sick of being treated like freaks, the decide to get their  body hair waxed! Sadly, the procedure costs an insane $9,000, so their plan is a bust. Or is it…?

There just so happens to be a father and son basketball tournament coming up and guess what the prize is – $9,000. Scott and his dad bust out the basketball skills and hit the court where they face McGinley and his NBA superstar “son.”

It sounds ridiculous, right? Yeah, it is. But it’s entertaining. See for yourself!

Check out the short film:

What do you think of this fake Teen Wolf sequel? Do you wish it was a real movie? Let us know in a comment below.

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