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Adobt Your Very Own Werewolf Pup

Ever you ever dreamed of being the mother or father to a bouncing baby werewolf? Well, here is your chance! Thanks to the film Cave Canine and the artist and writer Asia Eriksen, you can adopt your very own werewolf pup.

From the official website:

To find loving homes for orphaned Lycanthrope babies, preserve the species, and eliminate the need for human blood in the diet

Company Overview
WerePups is an adoption agency for orphaned Lycanthropes.

Each year, hundreds of Lycanthropes are slain by the hands of “Werewolf Hunters.” Many of these powerful creatures leave behind a den containing helpless offspring, and these beautiful babies are sentenced to perish, alone and starving.

Here at WerePups, we recognize the innocence of the young Lycanthrope, and we believe that every creature great and small deserves a chance at life.

For many years, underground organizations like our own have been leading missions to rescue and rehabilitate orphaned Lycanthropes, but they have remained in secrecy due to the high “turning” rate of growing Lycanthropes.

Today, our “Foster Parent Deaths” are at an all-time low, as our specialists have made exciting breakthrough discoveries concerning Lycanthrope nutrition and substitutions for human blood. We are very proud to be the first to announce our presence to the world, and offer orphaned Lycanthrope infants for adoption to loving homes!

Cave Canine is a series of comics and an upcoming film, and while the adoption may sound like a joke, it isn’t. You can actually order a creepy werewolf baby doll that looks surprisingly lifelike. Check out the adoption page for more info.

What do you think of the werewolf pups? Will you get one? Personally I think it’s a clever idea and I love it. The babies are creepy as hell, but they are fantastic.

– Moonlight

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moonlight • June 8, 2012

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  • Absolutely must have one! Or two!

  • AJ Herman

    I really want at least 1

  • Jedi

    Um….I’d advise against anything with the phrase “our foster parents deaths are at an all time low” in the sales pitch

  • Radam

    lol Didn’t expect a doll, I thought this was gonna be a virtual pet. xD

  • Adriana Azschaschel

    How can I adopt a werepups baby

  • hi I would like to adopt a werepups

  • i would love to adopt werepup soon i hope cause they are so cute and i have all the right equipment for one

  • hi i met u at horrorhound and purchased a mini wolf baby he is great and im wondering how much u will sell me a life sized baby for. and if u accept pay pal thanks

  • michelle

    Would like info on where t9 adot one and how much

  • jeannette ellis

    i need a werepup in my life :)

  • Francine

    They are creepy but kinda cute! Idk if I’d adopt one tho. My whole life I’ve had a fear of dolls. Even when l was a little girl l never had dolls the closest thing to a doll l had was a cabbage patch kid. LoL.

  • Shannon

    I would like a 22 inch baby pup grayish brown in color weighted body and soft head, arms and legs please. Thank you

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  • Elizabeth

    How can I get on! I’m in love! They are so adorable!!

    • Elizabeth

      One…not on…sorry….

  • karen

    How do I adopt a were pup I Love them!!!!

  • Nt. find where to adopt them.



  • Robin harrow

    Would love to have one how much an where can I order them.

  • Shauna nehus

    Tell me how to get one

  • Kellie

    I Want one thanks to HOUSEWIFES OF BEVERLYHILLS…..

  • Bonnie. 71. We need a new baby in our lives! Please……..

  • Mary

    For some reason this poor little baby’s made me cry

  • Alicia Merla

    I want to hold one in my arms and just love, hug, and brag about my little werepup!!! I vow to be the BEST for this new tyke in my home…………CHOOSE ME!!!!!

  • Went to adoption page and mo info pls,pls, I’d like to be an adoptove mom for one of the werepups that need a lovong home ,I have an empty nest and would love to fill ot back up thos way at least mama to two werepuppie. They look so loveable . U either love them or i don’t. I wuv, wuv them .pls a end me adoption info.Ty

  • Grace

    My husband and I are unable to have children. We would like to adopt a werepup baby for our loving home!

  • Karrieann sillay

    Your adoption page has no content, Realy want a were pup. Help

    • As I said before, go to Facebook and type in WerePups. Once there, click on where it says, “Notes.” You can also send an email to werepups@gmail.com

  • Go to WerePups page on FaceBook…Send a message…you can also see on the upper right hand side of the page where it says “Notes”. The details are there.

  • Zoraida febles

    I love to have one please he coul be my company forever please

  • Jillian

    How do i get one. I want soooooooooo badly! How much do they cost?

  • lee

    Hi how do I go about getting one. Thanks

  • How much r they

  • dj

    I want to adopt as many as possible when i am old enough

    • Kellie W.

      but how does this work and who Ido I contact to get one……

  • M Smith

    We put a deposit on one over a year ago and still haven’t gotten it. Been just a bunch of what appeared to be in the beginning as understandable excuses but they have grown old.

  • grouchyroan

    those of you that are unable to find the source to adopt, go to ebay and type in werepups, it will probably show an alien doll, by doghead studios or anders erickson, click on other listings and they have a werepup up for adoption right now no waiting.