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Adobt Your Very Own Werewolf Pup

Ever you ever dreamed of being the mother or father to a bouncing baby werewolf? Well, here is your chance! Thanks to the film Cave Canine and the artist and writer Asia Eriksen, you can adopt your very own werewolf pup.

From the official website:

To find loving homes for orphaned Lycanthrope babies, preserve the species, and eliminate the need for human blood in the diet

Company Overview
WerePups is an adoption agency for orphaned Lycanthropes.

Each year, hundreds of Lycanthropes are slain by the hands of “Werewolf Hunters.” Many of these powerful creatures leave behind a den containing helpless offspring, and these beautiful babies are sentenced to perish, alone and starving.

Here at WerePups, we recognize the innocence of the young Lycanthrope, and we believe that every creature great and small deserves a chance at life.

For many years, underground organizations like our own have been leading missions to rescue and rehabilitate orphaned Lycanthropes, but they have remained in secrecy due to the high “turning” rate of growing Lycanthropes.

Today, our “Foster Parent Deaths” are at an all-time low, as our specialists have made exciting breakthrough discoveries concerning Lycanthrope nutrition and substitutions for human blood. We are very proud to be the first to announce our presence to the world, and offer orphaned Lycanthrope infants for adoption to loving homes!

Cave Canine is a series of comics and an upcoming film, and while the adoption may sound like a joke, it isn’t. You can actually order a creepy werewolf baby doll that looks surprisingly lifelike. Check out the adoption page for more info.

What do you think of the werewolf pups? Will you get one? Personally I think it’s a clever idea and I love it. The babies are creepy as hell, but they are fantastic.

– Moonlight

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moonlight • June 8, 2012

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