A Werewolf Pornstar?

That’s right readers, a werewolf pornstar. Tori Black, AVN Female Performer of the Year (which is like the Oscars of porn), stars in Half Moon Rising, a werewolf film coming to DVD March 1.

“Rose is a down-on-her-luck prostitute who’s short on cash. When she hears of a mysterious client named Jacob who pays a large sum of money for one night in a hotel, she goes against her better judgment and takes the assignment. At the hotel, Jacob proves to be a strange client: he’s willing to pay up front, and is more interested in honest conversation than anything else. Then, just as Rose begins to feel at ease, she learns that Jacob is about to undergo a transformation by the light of the full moon – and she’s about find herself trapped in close quarters with a terrifying monster.
This taut and clever supernatural horror film breaks genre conventions by building realistic characters and erotic tension as it cranks up the suspense.”

The DVD will have a behind-the-scenes featurette and commentary with director Jason Toler.

So what do you guys think? A werewolf porn? It doesn’t do it for me, but hey, to each their own, everyone has their kinks. Don’t get me wrong, Tori Black is sexy as hell, but how exactly does one pull off sexy werewolf? So yeah, I think I’ll pass on Half Moon Rising.

Now, before you get too shocked by the idea of werewolf porn, it’s not actually anything new, this site has even covered it in the past. And have you ever checked out the Rule 34 website? I bet you anything that there’s a shit ton of filthy werewolf pictures (after all, it is Rule 34).

So if you love werewolves a little more than the average fan, worry not, there’s plenty of goodies for you to enjoy. From older naughty pictures and movies, to newer flicks like Half Moon Rising, starring one of the hottest and most popular porn stars out there.

– Moonlight

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  1. I’m mildly ammused the werewolf antagonist is named Jacob…

    I’ll be waiting, holding my breath a bit til March… not sure if I want to see this or not.

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