A Werewolf Novel Written by a Best-Selling Author? Finally!

“Why are werewolves such great monsters? Edgar Award-winning and New York Times bestselling author Andrew Klavan explains it in a 10-minute conversation with The Bookmonger about his new novel, Werewolf Cop…”

Andrew Klavan gives a great interview; the Bookmonger, John J. Miller discusses Werewolf Cop –and of course, Klavan cites American Werewolf in London and ye olde Universal classic Wolfman as the two best werewolf films, and the only two worth seeing. Um… that’s where I had to stop. Oh, I’d still read the book, which does sound interesting, but I disagree that the “horror” of werewolves lies in waking up to discover you ate some kindergarteners and a few nuns. 

The horror of werewolves is that by becoming engrossed in a story or film about them, is that you’re allowing your mind to experience a place in which monsters roam the earth. You can experience the inexplicable, undeniable sensation that never gets discussed: that good movies and rare stories, provide us with a deep fear that this could be real. Out in the dark, somewhere, there’s something that watches you and doesn’t care about your money, your stress, your kids, that can’t be reached. It’s the same fear anyone experiences watching monster movies, or killer animal films, –that’s why Jaws keeps me out of the water. Animals kill and you can’t talk them out of it, or ask why, and in their territory, you’re helpless. 

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hey you guys need to read WEREWORLD THE RISE OF THE WEREWOLF there might be a movie thats rated pg 13 so read the book first!!

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