A Werewolf Diary for Your Young Wolf Fan

Over on Vampires.com I wrote about all the vampire doodle diaries inspired by the hugely popular Diary of a Wimpy Kid series by Jeff Kinney, and while searching for these vamp books, I found a werewolf one. Kids absolutely LOVE these books! They’re full of drawings, comics and the stories are funny and relatable. Due to Kinney’s success there are now quite a few copy cats out there making their own Wimpy Kid inspired diaries, including one that’s perfect for the werewolf lovin’ kids out there – Adventures of a Wimpy Werewolf by Tim Collins.

“Luke Thorpe is a fifteen-year-old wimp. Excellent at math and terrible at sports, he’d rather keep his head down and get on with his schoolwork. Yet, mysterious and uncontrollable changes in his behavior and appearance – patches of hair growing rapidly, howling rather than singing the hymns in assembly, sudden growth spurts causing his clothes to rip off – are threatening to rocket him out of obscurity. Join Luke on a journey of discovery, embarrassing mishaps and hilarity as he gets to the bottom of his werewolf roots, joins a pack, and finds himself en route to war against the vampires (whose number include a rather wimpy, but familiar face) …”

That vampire he is talking about is from Tim Collins other doodle diary series – The Diary of a Wimpy Vampire.

I know Adventures of a Wimpy Werewolf isn’t exactly a book for all of the adults here, but it’s sure to be a fun read, even if you’re all grown up.

What do you think of these kid books? Do you think you’ll ever give Wimpy Werewolf a read, even if you aren’t a kid?

– Moonlight

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