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A Visit With Krampus

For the second year I traveled to Nashville Tennessee to visit the “Nashville Nightmare” haunted attraction as it put on its two-day-only special Krampus-themed event, entitled this year “Chapter Two: Jack Frost.” (I like how they’re treating it like a movie or a book.) Just as was the case last year, I had a grand time. Typically when I visit one of these haunted attractions they comp me a ticket—one of the perks of being press, donchaknow–but Nashville Nightmare doesn’t do that. I had to actually buy my ticket. I also had to wait in line for two friggin’ hours to get in; these last two points should emphasize my love for Krampus and the idea of a Christmas-oriented haunted house.

While I’m on the subject of that two-hour wait: they really need to fix this. It’s going to cost them money in the long run. I’ve been to haunts where the waiting experience is a treat in itself. There are games to play, Horror movies to watch, food to scarf. At Nashville Nightmare—you wait. While standing. Out in the elements. Fortunately this year it wasn’t too cold (unlike last year), and they do have costumed performers wandering around to interact with the crowd. But standing for two hours is exhausting, and what if it had been raining? They ought to invest in an improved and, as much as it is possible, streamlined waiting experience.

Okay, there’s my gripe. Now on to the good stuff.

Once I actually got inside the building, I was glad I stuck it out. I forgot how tired my legs were and how much my feet hurt. You weren’t supposed to take pictures, but I did manage to snap this photo of a festive vampire in the collapsed church/frozen graveyard section.

I love the Santa hat.

The sets are gorgeous. Had I been permitted without being trampled by the patrons coming in behind me, all in a rush to get their experience over with, it would seem, after standing in line for so long a time (I just don’t understand people) to get in, I could have easily taken another two hours just walking through the attractions (there are actually two haunted houses, “Phantoms” and “Fairy Tale Hell”) and taking it all in. It was like strolling through the set of a movie.

As far as the actors are concerned, my favorites were actually the guys outside, like this icy Krampus variant.

These guys were working hard to keep folks entertained. I’ll give ‘em that.

Taking into account the interminable wait, then, would I go back? Absolutely. And then I’d complain about the wait all over again. (Next year I might even consider dropping a wad on the “fast pass” ticket. We shall see.)

The Evil Cheezman • December 27, 2018

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