A Very Interesting View Of The Historic Werewolf

From it’s first written appearance in 1.A.D to the present day we have never lost our morbid fascination with this most changeable of creatures.

the night desk’s insight:
I came across this article, found it an interesting read, so I thought I should share. Personally, I think our facination with the werewolves are the nobility of it. No, not that they were royalty or anything, but werewolves themselves just seem of noble nature. Men and women, that are unfortunately striken with uncontrollable change and animalistic regression on a full moon, seem to live their lives doing good for the community the rest of the time. Honorable and noble creatures, the werewolves, and why wouldn’t you be charmed by something like that?

By Editor

The Night Desk is our latest contributor. She has an obsessive compulsive disorder for scouring the landscape for vampire, werewolf, and horror news.


  1. Great post. I have not thought of the Werewolf to be Noble but, now it makes sense. I will begin to think that the Werewolf is both honorable and noble. It really puts a new perspective on how we view these Awesome beings.

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