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A Swamp Thing Movie?

A more cynical person might think the whole thing was done as a publicity stunt. If it were, it certainly worked. The mysterious cancellation of the new SWAMP THING television series, or streaming series, as it were. The various reasons put forward and then argued over as to why the cancellation occurred. It got us all talking about it in the geek community, didn’t it? And now comes word that there might be a SWAMP THING movie. Personally this is what I would have wanted all along.

It’s just talk right now, but it *is* being talked about. If done as a movie, it would be a true Horror movie. Apparently the streaming service wanted more of a superhero series. Apparently those in charge of the streaming service never read even one single issue of the SWAMP THING comic or they would have known what kind of character they were sponsoring.

If the movie does happen, it will feature a whole new cast. It would not have any connection to the show. However, James Wan *would* still be involved. A balls-out Horror movie true to the comic series would be way better than a streaming series anyway. Especially since I would actually get to *see* the movie.

The Evil Cheezman • July 4, 2019

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