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A Surge of Serial Killers

The future is looking bloody, according to author Peter Vronsky. Don’t worry, though; even if he’s right, your chances of being killed by a serial killer are paltry at best. Er, worst. But WHY, exactly, does Mr. Vronsky believe we’re in for a population surge in serial killers? By looking back at the “glut” of serial killers active between the years 1950 and 2000, Vronsky deduced that those killers were created by negligent parenting on the part of battle-scarred soldiers returning home from World War Two. The latest evidence from experts is that a sociopath is created during the early formative years of infancy, so there’s the possibility that he’s right. If all those screwed-up soldiers were mistreating their children after they came home from the war, then yeah, that could’ve led to an increase in the number of sociopaths, thus an increase in the number of serial killers. (Note that only a small percentage of sociopaths go on to become serial killers.)

“We may have a whole new wave of killers coming from the trauma of families being destroyed by the global financial crisis of 2008,” warns Vronsky, who also blames the surge in the number of serial killers on pulp and detective magazines. Uh-huh. Then again, the upswing in the number of serial killers might be nothing more than proportionate to the increase in the number of humans on the planet, period, and Vronsky might be full of it. Or—and this is most likely the case—there is some truth to what Vrosky theorizes, but the phenomenon of the modern serial killer is much too complex to put down to any one or even a few factors.

The Evil Cheezman • August 21, 2018

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