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So there are three Universal Studios theme parks? I knew there were two, one in Orlando, Florida and one in Hollywood. If I’d ever known about the one in Singapore, I forgot about it. That all three are featuring STRANGER THINGS haunted mazes this year isn’t surprising. What’s interesting is that they’re each featuring a *different* STRANGER THINGS maze. Universal Studios in Hollywood features the Byers house and the schoolroom wherein Eleven has her final confrontation with the Demogorgon. At the theme park in Orlando, visitors will tour the woodshed and the secret laboratory. I don’t know what the one in Singapore has that’s different, as the linked article doesn’t mention it.

One thing all three of the attractions will have is the Demogorgon! The one in Orlando, though, will be extra spiffy. Said designer David Hughes: “We cast performers that are well over 6’ tall, a minimum of 6’3 [and] gave them lifts so they can be taller. Then we have the mask itself, which is the flowering head, that added another eight inches. So they can be anywhere from 7.5 to even possibly eight feet tall.” There are also “puppeteered flowering heads” that pop out of “’boo holes’…with the mouth closed and the maw closed and then it flowers open with either an air burst or a water burst and a loud screech. So it brings the character to life in a different way…”

The Evil Cheezman • October 23, 2018

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