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-A Return Visit to Hawkins

I am nothing if not tenacious. It comes with having an obsessive personality. My first visit to my nearest Baskin-Robbins—participating retailers of which franchise have been temporarily transformed into Hawkins, Indiana in honor of the forthcoming third season of STRANGER THINGS, due to release on Netlfix on July 4th—having been a disappointment, I determined to try again. This time they *still* didn’t have the waffle cones to make the Demogorgon Sundae. (They wouldn’t have more in, the lady behind the counter told me, until later that evening.) Not to be deterred this time, I ordered the Demogorgon without the blossom-headed waffle cone.

I kept the receipt to prove that I had, in fact, eaten the Demogorgon.

Demogorgons are, it turns out, quite delicious. Strawberry ice cream with strawberry topping, meant to resemble blood, if you’re wondering about the ingredients.

I also took a few photographs, and got my picture taken, too.

Do you see Steve poking his head up from behind the counter?

I asked about the T-shirts, but they were sold out of them as well. Everybody’s buyin’ ‘em to jack up the prices and try to sell ‘em on eBay.

The Evil Cheezman • June 25, 2019

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