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A QUIET PLACE Franchise?

Okay, if, IF they could do it right, I’d be okay with it. But if they’re going to make a sequel–and given how much money the film has brought in already, it’s a safe bet there will be one–it should have nothing in common with the first one. Let John Krasinski direct it, but that’s it. Otherwise we need to see all new characters in all new situations. Let the monsters be the only returning cast members.

Co-writers Scott beck and Bryan Woods (who penned the screenplay with Krasinski) recently told FANGORIA that they have ideas for sequels. “It’s such a fun world…There are so many things you could do…There are so many discarded set pieces, too, just hiding out on Word documents on our computer…yeah, there are certainly so many stories you could tell. It’s just really, at the end of the day, who are the characters in this and what does this situation mean to that dynamic?”

Far too often sequels get made just to cash in on the success of the original, and it shows. We do not need any more of that. If–again that word–they had the ideas for future stories in mind before they ever made the first one, that bodes well for the quality of the franchise. And there’s THAT word again. And yes, we might as well go ahead and start using it, because it’s going to happen. Let’s just hope it’s worth it.

The Evil Cheezman • May 11, 2018

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