A QUIET PLACE and an Idiot

John Krasinksi is just a nicer guy than I am, because he didn’t rip this guy apart. Said some jabroni about A QUIET PLACE: “As horror films go [A QUIET PLACE is] the antithesis of ‘Get Out,’ inasmuch as its symbolic realm is both apparently unconscious and conspicuously regressive.” The movie, the jabroni said, is about “a bunch of big, dark, stealthy, predatory creatures” menacing white people with guns. Well, there you go, then. This is the kind of guy who can’t see the forest for all the trees he imagines some poor minority was lynched from in ages past.

The family in A QUIET PLACE just happens to be white because John Krasinski, the writer/director, and his wife Emily Blunt, are white. There’s nothing about the story that requires them to be white. It is incidental. The story would work just as well if the family was black, or Hispanic, or Javanese, or Inuit. To see only skin color of these characters is as racist as one can get.

There are three possibilities, here. One, the guy really is just a moron. Two, he wrote what he wrote about A QUIET PLACE just to get attention (which, if that’s the case, I guess it worked, although the attention he’s getting isn’t exactly positive). Or three, and this is the most troubling, he’s trying to foment division, cultivate the seeds of racial angst with the manure he’s shoveling on top of it. Whichever of these is true, our response to the man ought to be the same: dismissing him, utterly and completely.

By the way, the rules of journalism state that an opinion can never be considered libel. And it is my opinion that this guy is an idiot, perhaps a malicious one, or perhaps just an attention whore, and a rather pathetic one.

Yeah, Krasinksi is a lot nicer than I am.

By The Evil Cheezman

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