A pledge to Sign and Share this petition to rescue the wild wolves of Montana

This lesser sub-man takes time to pose for his (Sign Crucial Petition for Montana’s Wolves http://t.co/BPou1p2MbJ via @causes)

the night desk’s insight:
Normally we don’t do this… but seeing these wolves are our “brothers and sisters” maybe we can save some from the terrible things happening to them. Please take a moment to sign the petition if you are a U.S. resident and if not, maybe pass it on to someone who is that can sign the petition to save these animals.

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  1. I’ve seen this before. Even though I don’t live in the USA, I’m a member of and I donate to the International Wolf Center. They are a non-profit organization devoted to the protection and providing education on these beautiful animals.

    (They also make nice sweatshirts…)

  2. sick of humans, all they do is screw and kill, it’s getting sickening, humans are the ones who should be going extinct, not the animals!

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