A Perfectly Planned Date with Jacob

Maybe this is the 12 year-old girl in me coming out – or I’m just hopping on the Twilight bandwagon – but either way, who hasn’t thought about heading out on a date with Jacob (aka Taylor Lautner)? OK for you dudes out there, how about a man date?

Here are some ideas for what a lady should do on a date with the handsome werewolf, and some tips for a bromance:

Plan a picnic: Keep the raw meat at home, ladies. Jacob may be an animal, but he’s a big and beautiful thumping lad underneath it all. Cut some fresh flowers from a nearby field and place them in a basket, tied to perfection. Purchase some wine, cheese, crackers and light meaty pâté to quench his animalistic appetite. To top this date off, purchase some dark red dipped strawberries and feed them to each other.

Off the beaten path: Fellas, who doesn’t like a roam in the woods? On your man date, ask Jacob to take you on a tour of the woods he is familiar with. Make sure to tighten-up those hiking boots and pack tons of bug spray. When you come to that infamous cliff, take one for the team and jump your heart out! It’ll be worth it, living like the inner cub deep down inside of you.

For the two of you: This idea is a little different but both sexes can play reporter. Executing this plan takes some thinking outside of the box; grab a leather-bound pad and pen and start asking Jacob questions about what it’s like to be a creature of the night. Really try to get to the heart of his psyche and sympathize with him.

How would you spend a night with Jacob?

– Bryce


  1. well just to let you yes he is good looking and all but he is not a werewolve he is just a wolf if you read the book thay called him and the pack shape shifter so

  2. actually in the 2nd movie, after bella finds out whatever he is, he is referred to as a werewolf and nobody says anything otherwise. whatever he is, he’s close enough to a darn werewolf and i’d totally jump his bones! <3

  3. I am in love with Jacob Black he’s hot and sweet and I should know because I see him every night in my dreams!
    ~Val Black (or eventually going to be Val Black)

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