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A New “Hobbit”

First they discovered the “Hobbit,” HOMO FLORESIENSIS, the diminutive, reportedly cannibalistic cousin of HOMO SAPIENS, on the island of Flores in Indonesia in 2004. The “Hobbit”, you may recall, starred in the faux-documentary THE CANNIBAL IN THE JUNGLE on Animal Planet back in 2015. Actually we’re not supposed to refer to them as Hobbits anymore, since the Tolkien estate threatened legal action over copyright issues. That’s why I’m using the term ironically and using quotation marks to designate it as such. Moving on.

HOMO LUZONENSIS may have been even smaller than HOMO FLORESIENSIS. It does appear that the two are separate species, however, despite their remains being found in close proximity, relatively speaking; HOMO LUZONENSIS was unearthed in a cave on the island of Luzon in the Philippines. LUZO, though (that’s what Ima call it for short) had a toe bone damn near identical to AUSTRALOPITHECUS, which lived 3 million years earlier and is never known to have left Africa. Either ol’ Aussie (that’s what Ima call it for short) *did* migrate from Africa after all, or else the toe bone means that Luzo was a tree-dweller, or had the capacity to be. Evolution taking a step backwards? Going from bipedalism back to tree-climbing?

The Evil Cheezman • April 21, 2019

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