A New Black Panther

Marvel bigwig Kevin Feige has announced that the part of T’challa the Black Panther, originated by Chadwick Boseman, will not be recast. That means we’ll be getting his little sister Shuri as the new Black Panther for the sequel. There is some foundation for this, as Shuri did serve as the Panther for a time in the comics when her big brother was lying in a coma after suffering an injury. (He, it should go without saying, got better and reclaimed the position as Black Panther in short order.) The only alternative would be for them to give the title of Panther to another male, one not established in the lore of the comics, and I don’t see that happening. Can you imagine if they introduced a new character and made him Black Panther instead of Shuri? Can you imagine the hell they’d catch, with every third person on the planet screaming about sexism? No, it will be Shuri. And since it’s Marvel, they’ll probably make it work.

They’d better recast the part of Shuri, though, and fast. Actress Letitia Wright has tipped her hand on Twitter, as so many like her have, and continue to do. Seems she’s into transphobia and conspiracy theories. She’s become a liability to the Studio for that reason. Better to replace her now. Marvel is gonna have enough of a hill to climb as it is, without her adding weight to their burden.

By The Evil Cheezman

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