A Kind-Hearted Werewolf

Most of the werewolves in folklore, film and books are usually these monstrous and ferocious beasts that turn anyone unlucky enough to cross them into nothing but a pile of bloody pulp. But among the chaos and gore is one old folk tale of a sweet and kind werewolf.

The unique werewolves I am speaking of are the Galley Trots, also known as Wulvers, which come from the Shetland Islands of Scotland. The wulver is described as a normal man covered with short brown hair, but what is not so normal is that this man has the head of a wolf.

As long as the wulvers are left in peace they show no aggression to anyone. The best known stories about a wulver claim that it would spend its time sitting on a rock and fishing. That rock is still known today as “The Wulver’s Stane.” When the wulver was finished fishing it was known to leave some of its fish on the window sills of poor families.

But like most supernatural creatures, there are a few bad stories about wulvers as well. In some versions of the myth they were mainly associated with old burial grounds and ancient buildings. Their presence was once thought to indicate that valuable items or money was hidden nearby. There was also the belief that to see a wulver or galley trot was an omen of approaching death. In some parts they said they would only appear to sit mournfully outside the home of a terminally ill person.

Even those “bad” things pointed out above aren’t actually all that bad compared to other werewolf stories out there. Sometimes those stories of scary fanged beasts ripping bodies apart with their claws and then getting shot by a silver bullet get old. So it’s refreshing to have at least one old folktale about a helpful and compassionate werewolf.

– Moonlight

By moonlight

One of the writers for werewolves.com, as well as vampires.com.


  1. yeah, but it’s nice to know that someone out there was creative enough to take a monster and twist it into something different.

  2. Well it’s true I mean all you ever hear is us getting bad rep just cause we kill humans now and then, but alot of times that’s not our faults. We can’t control ourselves, it’s not like we chose this fate. It actually makes me a little happy that someone saw the other half of us. Though it’s not huge it’s there.

      1. That depends on what u consider a werewolf to be. But I will tell u this I am just a trapped bloodthirty beast begging for the kill. And no matter how hard I try I just keep killing but the part that makes me sick is the fact that I enjoy it. I disgust myself. And no matter how hard I try to contain myself the inner animal forces me to just keep at it. If only death was as easy to bring to those who don’t truley deserve it. Evil doesn’t deserve death, they deaserve to live all eternity in suffering.

        1. Maybe as a human saying this is a betrayal to my species, but I don’t think you’re evil. Its none of my business but you sound very sad and angry about what you are. Can I just say one thing? I don’t think its your fault. If you can’t help being what you are, even if you kill people, then I don’t see how its your fault. You’re not evil, that’s my opinion, if you don’t truly want to hurt humans. And out of curiosity, do people have to be bitten or is it genetic? I’ve always wondered.

          1. do you know that saying “take a walk in someone elses shoes?” if you don’t it means to put yourself in someone elses position. If you were actually here With me tonight And I showed You what my life what my life was like without all the sugarcoating off movies and stories you would understand. I am just a hound of hell doing the devils bidding. I ripp apart innocent humans piece by piece but don’t do anything to stop. I try to control it but I can’t, I was not created to be controled. I was created souley for the purpose of being let go to roam and kill until there is nothing left. I am forced to do it so often but I don’t want to. I never asked to become this monster, I never deserved this beast. Now every step I take and every move I make I have to look over my shoulder. I have to cry in the shadows. I just want to be me but unfortunatlly my true me a huge murderous monster that kills and enjoys it. I’m not supposed to enjoy the thing I that makes me loath myself. It is my fault it’s my fault that I was at the wrong place wrong time.

          2. If humans were being ripped apart as you said then the news would be all over it, but they aren’t. I don’t mean to be rude but if someone claims to be a werewolf or vampire they I question it, I don’t simply accept it.

          3. Aw Moonlight,why’d you have to destroy the good talk? I was enjoying reading the way my fellow kin feels.

          4. If she were telling the truth don’t you think she would have answered my questions? As I mentioned in a previous post, I am very welcoming and I love our readers BUT I do not like liars and I will question things.

          5. Wow… i have never been this pissed off before… U people actually believe u are werewolves.. you think that u can get away with saying whatever the hell you want about how “you kill the fat slow people and sometimes go after the few that would give you A LITTLE bit of a fight” u know why u would go after the ones that wont fight you??? its because u couldnt do shit if someone actually tried to hurt u. Because if u were REALLY a Werewolf, then legend/lore/common sense would say that u could take out a freakin Moose/Elk/Deer with little to NO PROBLEM. and believe me… i dont know how often u nerds that believe you’re werewolves see daylight but Moose/Elk/ Deer are a lot harder to kill hands on than a human. THEREFORE I DARE YOU to kill someone that can actually fight u, and i know none of you WILL because like Moonlight said YOU ALL ARE LIARS and hate the fact u have no lives so u pretend u r something “Cool” like Werewolves…

          6. hey wv if u dont want to beleve us then i can bet this u hardly ever read ur bible and if u want to say that we all are alike u are badly mistaken and u are ether fat or some one in ur famliy is fat so i do not care if u want to call me a liar and here is something elts i would beat to shit out of u if i ever seen u and u can act all big and bad on here because u know that we are stronger and faster and have more strenth than u so if u want to try and say we are geeks but lisen to me im a football jock so i would love to find u i am a werewolf and if u ever say any thing like this again ill find u do u got that

          7. Werewolves are a real thing. It’s just how you people gloat about how you are werewolves goes to show that you aren’t. I don’t go around and say ‘hey look at me I’m president of the world.’ No I don’t because for one I’m not, and second why should one gloat about it? It’s pointless. You know what, it’s ok to ‘think’ you are this werewolf but to actually go about and say ‘Hey don’t mess I’m a werewolf’ Just kinda says, ‘hey look at me, I’m a virgin.’ I fully support Wv here. All the people that can go about and gloat aren’t actual werewolves or anything in life. Oh and a lot of these comments have some fail grammar.

          8. sorry but i have to agree with wv and maha here i don’t go around saying that im a werewolf even though i am and a lot of u think u know thing about werewolfs and u dont and the goverment covers all the stuff about us killing humans thats y u never see it on the news or news paper and when they say that it was some type of bear or unknown animal or dog it is really just one of the few lucky humans that get turned in to this and we have many names hounds of hell the devils biders and there are some with a good hart that get turned in to the angles biders or holy hound but the ones who dont know if they are a holy hound or hound of hell are like me the holy hound of hell and we are so good about hiding bodys and thing so if all of the people want to beleav that they are werewolf let them think that and get shot and die but when u are like me u can’t die at all

          9. i was bitten and so thats how i became what i am today but i would never want anyone to be this i like it but some just wish they where human again but i dont kill humans even though they look pretty good but i like animal meat better and they taste good to

  3. hello my fello wolfs….dont mean to enter up but see humens will never learn or belive us ohh and btw im the white werewolf and i taught my self how to kill animals and things like that not saying i dont kill one every now and then but i dont like it

  4. see im a werewolf and go after slow and weak humans they are easyer pray and i go after other humans that put up a little bit of a fight and i know we all get bad rep and i know we are built for killing humans and a few animals here and there but i sometimes like being what i am and im proud to say i am a werewolf and one day humans will belive us.

  5. hey lisen i have tookin down biger things than a simple human like u and u humans are geting us mad and if u want a fight ill give u a fight im the bigest badest weewolf here and i will kill who ever steps in my way do u got that humans

  6. I WANNA BE A WEREWOLF!!! but is it dangerous would i be… a monster? no offense but i think u can control and if u belive well it might come true. look i wanna be one but i dont wanna be a hellish. sigh wat should i do!!! plz tell me.

  7. I got to say you guys have some fail grammar. It’s not that I don’t believe werewolves aren’t real, it’s just why would you go about gloating that you are one? Makes no sense. So in theory your all nerds whom have problems with reality. It’s just saying your a werewolf doesn’t make you a werewolf. And I agree with Wv, you guys have no lives. I did use the article for a project for school. Which is a bonus. But still grow up you fools.

    1. Maha, I don’t feel that we are gloating. I, at least, am simply a somewhat normal eighteen-year-old girl who happens to be a werewolf and feels outnumbered by humans. I feel like they can’t understand what I’m going through and that I can’t talk about this with them. Since werewolves are nearly extinct and my own werewolf status is the result of an inherited gene from several generations back in my family tree, my family is basically human. Like the other werewolves on this site, I prefer to seek out sites like this and “talk” with people who can identify and empathize with me.

      Please try to be civil. The fact that you can’t see us and will likely never meet us is no excuse for being rude.

  8. i just found out im im a werewolf, im fast i love to fun the cold dont affect me i always wear a short sleeve in the cold i almost never wear a jaket and i dont kill humans cause i kno how to control myself to eat meat and human food, well somtime i eat at night. i turn everytime im alseep well on full moons and somtimes not even on a full moon. i have two vampire friends and they say i smell like a wet dog! i made a mark with my nails and kno its a scar. she said it stings cause how she a vampire. As i said im strong but im newly young. i am good at shifting and i have a bad temperture. (am i a werewolf.?)

  9. not sayin i dont believe in werewolves but uh if you were werewolves and you did kill ppl it would be in the news -_- and whitewolf you cant find anyone on the internet unless you know alot about computers and know were to find there info now sayin as you were that your a jock gives me reason to believe you know very little about computers and shows that you think being a jock means something and take it from some one who’s a blackbelt in karate and judo and knows kickboxing your a petty football jock you guys cant fight for shit i’ve beaten up enough i should know you think size is everything pssh size only matters if thats your only advantage

  10. Hello. I believe in werewolves 100% I might even be one me and my family have many of the traits but i dont kno. I just want to kno if u happened to be a werewolf when u died eventually would u go to heaven or hell. Because if u were goin to go to hell then i wouldnt be around here chatting i would be trying to redeem myself. If u r going to hell cause werewolves can and most do a lot of bad things like killing.

  11. i thought werewolves died off hundreds of years ago. me and my twin have wolf in our blood from my mothers side. grandpa used to let us ride on his back while he as a wolf. you should of seen the muscles he had. we change when we want, we dont kill.. well, humans anyway, and we just look like average wolves, maybe a little bigger. i have 3 hybrid friends and we just make up a little group. we prefer hybrids. we arent some freakin blood thirsty monsters. we dont even live forever, not that i know of anyway. and Wv, dont talk that way. i never really believed in the full moon thing, in fact, i HATE every single horror stories that say we are killing monsters coming out at the full moon and turn into werewolves if bitten, and eating human. i have the whole truth, the whole story, and no matter what, i have stuff to back up on what i say. i could write a whole book on nothing but the truth about us. i dont know if the stuff about being monsters is true but i know that what i say IS true. there arent just the horror kind, if any at all, but there are good kinds too. i mean, ive only met wolf human hybrids. i cant believe some of you are saying youd kill the humans. i mean, my kind, we cant stand the taste of human blood, it makes us go mad. i have to admit. i LOVE being a wolf, we arent like the kind some of you say you are, the kind that youd call hell hounds, we are just a new generations of werewolves that can live peacefully among humans or wolf. i mean, ya, i couldnt stand being near my best friend when she broke her arm, because all i saw was prey, but theres some good things about it that id love to mention but itll be too long, and few, if any, bad things about it. whether you guys saying your some hellish creature are telling the truth or not, i dont really believe in your horror film kind. we arent some wolfish creature on two legs, we are just wolves. just like average wild wolves. other then the inhanced senses and the speed, strenght, and endurance, and of course, the whole wolf morph thing, we are average people. i dont really believe in the horror werewolf thing. but my kind are regular humans with just a little wolf. its not like im joking, ive tooken blood tests, not from a real doctor of course, just the simple blood tests you can do yourself, and i have morphed. just a little about my friends and me, im a silver-grey grey wolf, my friend qiunton is a red grey wolf, logan is a black grey wolf, and auston is a brown-grey grey wolf. we have different names for our wolf names then our human names. my real name is caitlin and my wolf side is called lealta, logan is kavik, auston is bojka, and quinton is vita. they all mean different things. so thats just a little of the things i could tell you. it feels good to blurt some stuff out. i dont care if you guys know the truth, as long as the people around me doesnt. for them, my whole life is a lie. for my kind, you have to have the blood to be a wolf, its not something you get from a bite, thats also something i hate about the horror crap. for some of my kind, its fun to be a wolf, but for a few, its a nightmare. i dont know why. its not like we even have to like the original kind. in fact, only 7% of us can even change, thats why there are so few of us around the world. there is no gloating in what i write, i just cant stand being a secret anymore. and it just goes to show, i dont really care if you believe me. its just nice to speak out. on and by the way, my kind can die, they dont live forever. what is it like to live forever? i dont know about any of you, but i would hate to live forever, seems miserable. im glad im the more human kind of werewolves. see, my kind is only half werewolve, or 3/4 a werewolve, we have different qualties and chracteristics then the average werewolf. for example, we live average lifes, except we live in dog years. most wolf people like me cant morph, but i can, and unlike some werewolves, life a happy, none killing lives. and after im dont with this sentence, im never coming back to this site. i feel relaxed now that i wrote this out.

  12. hey i could use some advice, i dont really know wht i am. im cold and pale like a vampire but ive liked wolves ever since i was 7 and always were really drawn to them. they howl out side my window at night. the wolf is also my spirit animal. am i a vampire wolf hybrid or one or the other or something? if not how could i actually become a werewolf that could change from human to wolf?

  13. question um if ur a werewolf do u like turn into a wolf wen u shift or like in th article just have a mans body wit a wolfs head nd a very very body?

  14. i mean very very hairy body…oh ya nd wen do u change full moon or in the cold or sumtin like tht?

    1. ok im a hybrid and i only kill animals but i had to learn how to control my thurst and see i can change people in to a hybrids to but see the kind of hybrid i am is the kind that can walk on hind legs but i can also shift to look like a very large wolf but i can change when i want witch is the good thing about me but u sound more like what my friend and he is a vampire even though he smells like death i still hang out with him but see u do get hairy when ur a wolf but when ur a hybrid u dont get hairy at all but see i would go more with ur a vampire because u said ur cold and pale but see even though ur spirt animal is a wolf wouldnt mean ur a wolf

    1. yes and when u shift ur stronger than anything and when u are in human form ur strong but u have to be careful who u tell when ur a werewolf because they will try to kill you but find someone that is a hybrid that will willingly change u into one…and if u have anymore questions just ask

    1. well if your born into a family that has a long line of werewolf family members then u will be born one and u will get your first little taste of the werewolf when your 13 and you will get your full power when your 15 but u have to learn how to control the werewolf but some time other just get a little carried away and if biten it will take 1 week and the newer hybrids are different from the older ones and im a cross between a werewolf and vampire and i was the first of my kind but then i changed a few of my friends so now there are 8 of us and we are 10times stronger and faster than a werewolf and a vampire

    1. we are in the woods sometimes but we come out in to the opening of the woods were the field and woods meet and few of us have moved to different places and we have to grow are pack so we want be the only ones so if you can find one of us more than likely we will change you but you have to tell us or we want change you…and we can tell if your not ready for this gift….and the thing about us werewolf-vampire hybrids is we aint just ten times stronger and faster than other werewolfs and vampires we can control are selfs when we are around humans in are form….and we can remember what we do in are werewolf-vampire form because its not the animals that are controling us we are controling us and there is a few of us that can but want control them selfs

  15. Maha, I used this website for a School Project aswell :], i didnt think i would stumble upon an article filled with so many Literary challanged Kids though.
    whitewolf1994 Stop making up shit, i have to say u r the most fail person on this comment list. “Oh and im a Vampire Wolf Hybrid” “Oh and i am the first Werewolf” “Oh i made a pack of Hybrids”… How about “Oh and im full of shit!”

    1. hey Wv you how about this you little basterd you need to shut your fucking mouth before i get really pissed and if u want to know something we vampire wolf hybrids are a cover up by the US Goverment they say we arnt real so then all you humans can live normal lives with out having to fear about walking at night through the woods or through your own yard for that matter and to not fear that u might get attacked by us or anything else for that matter they told us that if we stayed hiden from the rest of the world that they would cover every thing we did up and say that it was an wild animal attack or a coyote or wild dog attack but when we say this stuff about are selfs i do not want your info on what you think about us do you got that you ass hole

  16. curious curious curious. gosh i wish i could meet you guys. i just can’t decide wether to believe or not to. when i read all of your comments, it kinda sounds like kids. man up a little bit. this is the internet. don’t get worked up because someone says a little something about what you claim to be or really are, even. i can’t actually speak for anyone so just try to take my advice. k? ;) what i would like to do is travel the world and study the myths of all these cultures. its so odd tht
    at they are all the same for the most part and yet they span over almost a thousand years, all across the world. like dragons. i totally believe in dragons. fire-breathing.. ehh. but a 6-apendaged animal who could fly; not that hard to believe. now if we could only scientificly prove vampires and werewolves, you would be able to appeal and convince more people. why don’t everyone try to pull some factual evidence to this site, on this post. then we can let others decide as well. i think it wouldbe pretty cool to fully understand the structure behind these stories. don’t you?

    1. that sounds good to me as long as they stop saying im not real that my kind are fake….because we are as real as ever other liveing thing we just have help hideing are selfs.

  17. This is all a bit too Twilight, so for all of you saying you’re werewolves, know fully well that for every one of you, there are thousands of people that are skeptical.

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