A Few Good Reasons to Stay on Team Jacob

Give me a hunky teenage werewolf over a moody pale vampire any day.

I love this article; basically, you have to choose between two guys with some rather odd behavioral issues. For example, as sexy as Jacob is, we also have to remember that his original pack’s alpha, Sam Uley, accidentally ripped off half his wife’s face after he transformed during an emotional moment. Edward Cullen on the other hand, is stalker-y, weird, and emotionally dead, –not to mention, belongs to a political system that should probably be investigated by the U.N. as soon as possible.

Additionally, Cullen is going to be pale and wimpy forever; whereas Jacob Black is going to get hotter over time, and he doesn’t glisten and sparkle in the sunlight. I like vampires, but… physically, the male specimens are pretty gross. So yeah, Team Jacob, all the way. 

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