A Decade’s Worth of Werewolf Movies: 1990s

JNwolfAs previously shown in ‘Nearly 10 Years of Werewolves‘, there are loads of werewolf movies out there that very few of us have heard of. So here we are again, this time werewolf movies from the 90’s. Here is your list of the superb Hollywood blockbusters and the low budget disasters and everything in between from the 1990‘s.

Howling VI: The Freaks: A comedy/horror about a villainous carnival owner traps a young werewolf to include in his growing menagerie of inhuman exhibits.

Meridian: Kiss of the Beast: A dirty movie about a young woman, Catherine, who inherits a eerie castle, invites her friend to the castle, then invites a few traveling performers as well… who drug and seduce the two women. Afterwards Catherine is caught up in a love triangle with the magician that drugged her and a mysterious beast.

Eyes of the Werewolf: An incredibly low budget werewolf flick (as in $500) that is full of plot holes and non existent special effects, perfect for any bad movie night. About a man that gets eye surgery, the twist: the surgeon got the new eyes from the black market and the eyes once belonged to a werewolf.

Mad at the Moon: This is a horror/western about a woman that marries the meek farm boy, then learns he is actually a werewolf.

Full Eclipse: About a group that work for the LA police and have an excellent track record for crime reduction, but their methods are unconventional and so are they, for they’re werewolves.

Wolf: An award winning film with the amazing Jack Nicholson. About Will Randall who is bitten by a wolf, which causes his life to change. First his mood changes, and his sense of hearing and smell go into overdrive. He has become a werewolf and he has an appetite for human blood.

Howling: New Moon Rising: Yet another horror/western mix. This time about a number of vicious murders occur in a small California town after a motorcycle-riding stranger arrives. The gruesome slayings look disturbingly like the work of a werewolf. Based on the novels by Gary Brandner’s, this is sequel to ’The Howling.’

Project: Metalbeast: I am sure you can guess by the title what this flick is about…yea… a metal werewolf. You got yourself a mad scientist, metal “skin” and a laboratory, cue the chaos.

An American Werewolf In Paris: Wanna guess what this one is about? I’m gonna go out on a limb and says there’s an American involved, maybe a werewolf and there is a possibility it all goes down in Paris. This is a classic werewolf movie that has loads of hilarious scenes and a bit of romance as well.

Bad Moon: This is told by the family dog’s point of view as he deal’s with his owner being recently turned into a werewolf. Based on a story by Wayne Smith.

Werewolf: Another campy movie that you know is bad just by the tag line, “Rest In… Beast.” About a group of archeologists who find werewolf remains, one of them injures themselves on the remains and is then turned into a werewolf.

There you have it, werewolf movies from the 90’s. If there are any I have missed please leave share it by leaving a comment.

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