A Cautionary Tale

Wolf_in_FireA werewolf needs to be careful; you don’t want someone to discover what you are. People destroy what they fear and if people happen to learn that there is a monstrous werewolf living among them then they will do everything they can to get rid of it. So today I’ll tell you two true tales of caution, of why you must be particularly careful while in wolf form.

This first tale comes from back in the day when it was common for people to be prosecuted for being a werewolf. There was a young woman whose husband disappeared quite often, so she came to the suspicion that he was a werewolf.

One day while they were working in a field together the husband went off and disappeared again. Suddenly a wolf came forth from the bushes, ran toward her, grabbed her red woolen skirt with its teeth and shook her back and forth. The woman screamed and beat the wolf with her pitch fork until it ran away.

Soon afterward her husband emerged from the same bushes into which the wolf had disappeared. She told him the frightening experience she just had with the wolf. The husband laughed, thereby revealing the red woolen threads from her skirt that were stuck between his teeth.

She reported him to the authorities and he was burned to death.

The second story, like the first comes from the time of werewolf trials and persecution. There was a woodcutter who was working in the forest with his brother. The brother ran off and soon thereafter a wolf came out of the nearby bushes. The frightened woodcutter attacked the wolf with an ax and wounded him on his right front leg; the injured wolf ran away howling.

That evening when the woodcutter returned home he found his brother in bed with his right arm hidden under the covers. Only after repeated threats would he reveal his arm, and on it was the same wound that the woodcutter had given to the wolf.

Like in the first story the woodcutter reported his brother, who was then burned to death.

So what do these stories teach you (other than not to trust family)? To be incredibly vigilant while in wolf form. So keep caution young werewolves, be smart and never let them get the best of you.

– Moonlight

By moonlight

One of the writers for werewolves.com, as well as vampires.com.


  1. it teaches you to make sure you dont trust anyone and attack when they have nothing to defend themselves with

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