8 Reasons Why Forrest Gump Was Really a Werewolf Movie

1.  He Was Bitten When He Was a Kid


Forrest Gump’s body started changing after he was bitten, and it was probably by one of those degenerate kids he went to school with, since he seemed to be able to run a lot better after he started school.

2. He’s Weatherproof


He demonstrates imperviousness to weather conditions that would drive any real human completely insane.

3. Master of Combat!

combat skills

He has major combat skills, despite being the world’s first slow-ish werewolf.

4. Superhuman Strength


Forrest Gump has superhuman strength. He picks not just one grown man up, and saves him, but SEVERAL, until he finds Bubba.

5. A Total Alpha Male


He’s fiercely territorial and possessive of his female; Forrest marked Jenny as his mate, early on in the film, and defends her with violent outbursts more than once.

6. He Can Outrun Vampires


Forrest Gump hates vampires, and can outrun them. Obviously. This is on the Super Duper Director’s Cut, in one of the many deleted scenes.

7.  Loyal to the Pack


Forrest routinely displays endless patience and loyalty to his pack mates, such as Jenny, his mother, Bubba, Lieutenant Dan, and later, his son. Oh, and his powers of perception are off the charts.

8.  The Transformation Scene


By the end of the film, Forrest’s transformation is complete, and he has become a full werewolf, in public view.



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