70s Detective Schlock At Its Best, On Stage: ‘He Had Hairy Hands’

A preview of the upcoming comedy horror at the Lord Street theatre from Kill the Beast theatre company

For those readers in the Southport area of Sefton, England who appreciate good theatre entertainment, check out the latest offering from Kill the Beast which is quite popular for it’s comedy stylings. The theatre group joining together during their university years, began their career with an adaptation of The Boy who Kicked Pigs, which for Doctor Who fans, was written by Tom Baker, who portrayed the 4th Doctor. 

According to Natasha Hodgson, who wrote on and performs in the feature explained that they got a lot of their inspiration from The League of Gentleman, The Office, and The Fast Show. Their newest production, He Had Hairy Hands is a 1970s themed horror/comedy detective thriller about a werewolf preying on its victims in a small town. For those interested in checking it out next month, be sure to contact The Atkinson theatre.

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