6 Ways to Keep Werewolves From Infesting Your Town

Werewolves are sometimes a pesky nuisance during the full moon. Today we are going to examine the various methods of keeping werewolves out of your town. As everyone knows, once you have werewolves it’s very hard to get rid of them.

I’m going to give my top three favorite ways to get rid of, or prevent werewolf infestations, –the rest, you’ll have to do the extra work to find out, –just click on the source link and read the rest of them. 

  1. Plant Wolfsbane/Monkshood all over your town; sprinkle seeds, plant random bulbs. They’re wildflowers, so they grow well without too much tending.
  2. Sprinkle salt around. But what you should really do, is buy a ton of salt, –it’s cheap, and circle buildings, private residences, etc., with salt. But don’t get too wild, –“salting the earth” basically makes soil infertile for a very long time.
  3. Keep people and pets inside at night; small animals are like werewolf bait. So are kids, and evening revelry. 

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