5 Werewolfy Alternatives for Justin Gabriel (After His Werewolf Pitch Was Rejected)

Justin Gabriel was supposed to be a lycanthropic adrenaline junkie before it was scrapped. Here are five alternate gimmicks that are way, way worse.

Justin Gabriel sucks. And he sucked a long, long time before he started introducing himself as the “Darewolf” at shows, so the kind folks over at Uproxx came up with some alternatives to his awful original idea. 

1. The Carewolf – Feuding with Tyson Kidd, he could team up with Bayley, –get all cute you know, and they could be like couple vs. couple, with Tyson and Natalya.

2. Prankenstein – Justin Gabriel, sneaking around dressed as “a werewolf version of Repo Man” –from Repo: The Genetic Opera –in which he basically pulls lame pranks on people behind the scenes. Screwing with catering, costumes, and props… you know, all part of his evil plan.

3. The Despairwolf – There’s a .gif that goes with this, and it’s brilliant. You have to click through to the source to see why “The Despairwolf” is actually the best idea, but trust me, you’ll love it!

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