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5 Cool Werewolf Videos

Craving a little bit of the wolf this weekend, I flipped through YouTube and other video sites to check out some cool werewolf videos. Here are the ones that struck me as some of the best!

Vampires vs. Werewolves. Pretty cool video depicting a battle between our favorite villains. Even cooler when you consider this video was just made by a die-hard fan! [MetaCafe]

Tribute to Werewolves. Exactly what it sounds like, this is a video compilation made by a die-hard fan of the wolf. And it’s awesome too! [YouTube]

Werewolves Dance. Some guys dressed like werewolves dance around against the backdrop of a full moon. While the focus comes off the wolves momentarily for some serious hip hop, the whole thing is pretty cool all around. [MetaCafe]

Werewolves Exist. A comical look at the fact that werewolves exist. In this monologue, the narrator tells an all too common story of a werewolf wounded only to reappear as a human with the same wound. [Yahoo Video]

New Moon werewolf transformation scene. C’mon, you didn’t really think that I was going to do a top five list of cool werewolf stuff and not include the New Moon wolves, did you? Enjoy! [YouTube]

– Kate

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kate • April 10, 2010

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