5 Cold, Snowy Werewolf Movies to Get You Ready for Christmas!

“Christmas is less than 4 weeks away, so what better way to get into the holiday mood than to watch some movies that will get you in the spirit!?  Here are some movies to get you in the right snow-filled mind…”

Some of these you know, some of these you don’t –heck, some of them, I don’t know. I have a little confession to make actually, in fact, this is probably going to get me smacked by the boss, –but did you know… that I… have …never… seen… An American Werewolf in London…. all the way through? I know, I know. I’m a traitor.

That’s okay! My December resolution is to see the film, in its entirety, before Christmas day, and you guys are totally going to help me remember, right? You’ll be like, “So… Anni, you see that movie yet?” And I can look awkwardly at the screen and ask why everyone is judging me… Anyway, all of these movies are probably pretty great, and all the ones I haven’t seen, are on my list -to- see.

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