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5 celebrities that should be werewolves

In this day and age, there’s constant news of what director is turning x-popular horror book series into a movie, whether or not someone is on team Edward (vampire) or team Jacob (werewolf), and what next big-name star signed-on for x-horror flick. That’s all fine and great but let’s gets back to basics, people. Let’s really dig into the human psyche – let’s take matters into our own hands and weigh in on what WE think should happen. Let’s name some celebrities WE think should be werewolves … btw, team JACOB all the way!

Gerard Way- This little beast, lead singer of My Chemical Romance, is a great candidate to be a werewolf. He’s 100% emo and has skin as creamy as a full moon!

Taylor Lautner- As if this choice wasn’t obvious. He plays Jacob the werewolf in the popular film series Twilight, and is built like a recreation of a Greek god. If you were to run into this man-beast in the woods, watch out!

Pam Anderson- Can we say SHE WOLF?! This hot mama is the epitome of what Shakira sings about in her hit song. Can’t you just see Pammy running around woodland, howling at the moon and taking unsuspecting men back to her cave?

Gwen Stefani- This mother of two can fend for herself. She has her own fashion line, a hot rocker husband, and can bring you to tears with one fierce look. Don’t mess with Gwenny-Gwen, fellas.

Patrick Dempsey- Last but not least we have McDreamy. What lady wouldn’t want to be caught alone with this evolutionary masterpiece?

Do you have a celebrity to add to the list? Drop a comment below because we’d love to hear from you!

– Bryce

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Bryce • March 24, 2010

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