3 Werewolf Worlds We Wish We Could Live In

Most of us (if not all of us) have daydreamed about living in our favorite werewolf world, be it one you read in a book or watched on TV, we all have a little world to escape to. With the hundreds of imaginary settings writers have created for us, which one do you wish you could live in? Here are my three picks:

Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunters Series

These are hands down my favorites books on all time. The world Kenyon created in her books is so vast and complicated that she eventually had to make an encyclopedic guide book for fans. I can’t help but picture myself in the Dark Hunter world with the Katagaria and Arcadians, two unique groups of shapeshifters – there are wolves (of course), lions, bears, dragons and more. On top of all of the shapeshifters, the universe also contains Greek gods (among other pantheons), demons, ancient warriors… and I could go on and on. Plus the characters Kenyon created are so mesmerizing and hilarious, I would love nothing more than to hang out with them all day. This is totally my favorite daydream escape.

Amelia Atwater-Rhodes’ Kiesha’ra Series

A series of books I fell in love with as a teenager, I constantly found myself getting lost in the shapeshifter’s kingdoms. Set in older times of beautiful princesses and gorgeous princes that were all able to shapeshift into an animal – it was and still is a wonderful place for anyone to explore. And the wolves, they were a group that valued honor, duty, and strength – just like all wolves should.

Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake Series

In the Anita Blake series there are werewolves, vampires, necromancers, witches and more – a perfect mixture of monsters. On top of that, all of these supernatural beings are known to the world, the weres and vampires are legal citizens, which makes it so much more fun. There are more than just werewolves too, there are also wereleopards, weretigers, wererats and much more. Each group has their own set of rules and laws that makes them remarkably fascinating. Plus they have power, lots of incredible power – the werewolves in this series are serious baddasses, you can’t help but want to be part of the Anitaverse. I could go on and on about this world (yes, I’m a total fangirl) but I’ll end with one last thing about this world that I love – women kick ass. The women aren’t these frightened meek creatures; they are a force to be reckoned with.

Well, those are my three picks, the werewolf worlds I would LOVE to live in, even for a moment. But what about you guys, what three werewolf worlds do you wish you could be part of?

– Moonlight

By moonlight

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  1. I can’t think of three right now, but I would love to at least visit Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson world. Many of the wolves are so interesting, some of them are hundreds of years old, and they came out to the public as real beings, like the vamps did in True Blood.

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