3 Big Options For Your Life as a Werewolf

Find out where to go and what to do now that you’re a werewolf

Well, now you’ve done it. You’re a werewolf. We don’t want to get into how you did it, we just know that you’re a werewolf, so now what’s your mom going to say? And your dad’s probably pissed too! How to keep from eating your relatives should be first and foremost on your mind as the full moon approaches, and now you’ve got some big decisions to make mister, or well, I guess, miss too!

First, there’s isolation: be a hermit, far away from everyone. Not too many unpopulated, hiker-less areas left though, and before you know it, bam! you’re eating American tourists on the English moors. Option two, is locking yourself up every full moon, but hey, let’s be realistic, –the first time you change, you could really screw up, and werewolves escape all the time. Option three, –move to Rio, Harlem, or Durham (North Carolina), –or any number of other large cities in which people go missing all the time, and no one cares. Keep in mind though, that you’ll probably have to move around a lot, –enough mutilated corpses turn up, questions will be asked. Good luck!

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